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Honda CB125J
I ground out the ports, lightened and polished the valve gear, and fitted the little bike with a Yoshimura racing piston. Along with its feathery weight of around 80KG, it became capable of outdoing much larger bikes on twisty roads. Even in a straight line it could keep up with some 250s. A Yoshimura race cam was acquired but never used for lack of better valve springs.
I took this bike racing in the Triplex event at Benalla, as a Swinburne club member. Rain and another bike's spilled oil wrecked the potential for more fun, but it caused a few surprises and earned a first-place trophy for the sub-150 category.
These days people take CB125Js and similar bikes Bucket Racing: a fabulous low-cost class of road race that originated in New Zealand and has spread to Australia. It's serious stuff! And if you're in any doubt that these can be made into beautiful little bikes, check out this example.

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