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Kawasaki Z400
A mate built a three-wheeled contraption out of an old Honda 360 twin. It was so much fun to ride on his farm that I wanted to make one too. With this in mind, I picked up a clapped-out Z400 from Vic Wreckers.
Looking it over at home, though, I couldn't help notice that it was a nice little bike at heart just wanting a bit of attention. It even had a great two-into-one aftermarket exhaust. It seemed a shame to butcher it, so I set about restoring it instead.
I overhauled the engine, painted it, and found a headlight and tyres. Over the next couple of years I kept it alongside the DR600 and rode many long journeys on it, even using it to commute to and from a mountain mining camp past Benambra at the headwaters of the Murray River.

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Z400 pre-restoration

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