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1985 Kawasaki 750Turbo
Enlarge Here's the Turbo on an airstrip where it was not entirely out of place. This bike had an exhilarating power delivery with the intake pressure rising quickly to 8 psi. Torque at 6000 rpm was very strong. The bike came with a free-flowing aftermarket exhaust that let the turbine be heard, and I fitted a dial-type combination vacuum / boost gauge to one of the inlet manifolds that was surprisingly amusing to watch. Below you can see the light-but-super-strong rack I made from an old chair (later painted black). Lacking a car for the entire five years I owned this bike, I used the rack as a substitute to carry the strangest things. Once I strapped a long extension ladder across the rack, in the perpendicular direction, and rode down a public highway. Great balance, bad clearance...

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750Turbo, Rear

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