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My obsession with motorcycles started in early childhood as endless wistful scheming. At what seemed like the hopelessly late age of 14, and without parental knowledge, I procured my first minibike for the sum of forty dollars. It was powered by a Victa 125 two-stroke lawnmower engine. It had one gear, no suspension, and (usually) no clutch. I modified and polished the ports, and raised the compression till it became pretty darned exciting to ride. I eventually sold it for, I think, the same forty dollars, and put together a similar minibike with taller gearing and a hot 160cc Victa engine.

My first real motorcycle was the XL100 pictured first in the album below. Take the tour if you dare.

Also, see my dedicated R1200GS page, my Virago / XV / TR1 page, and my KDX page.



















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