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Cars aren't really my thing. I've always been a bike nut, and I just can't get used to the idea of hauling a huge brick of metal and glass around with me everywhere I go. Being in a car feels like being cocooned in a mobile asylum for the criminally unconcerned. Not that I blame anyone for driving a modest car. These contraptions have been forced upon us by vested interests and short-sighted town planners, and they're very practical in certain ways.

Compared to bikes, cars are pretty nice when it's raining heavily, I must admit. And they're good for pulling a trailer and carting several bods at once. The cars I have owned have had their own personalities, and I do look back upon them with a touch of fondness.

My patchy success at avoiding the burden of ownership is punctuated here beneath.


Corolla ZRE-152R




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