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Subaru 1600 4WD

Regulator troublesI had planned a trip to the Arctic circle on my Kawasaki Turbo for mid-1993, shortly before I was due to return to Australia. The Bear Head had intended to pick up a bike and be in on it too. However, at the last minute we bought a Subaru 4WD for the trip instead. Wilding said it looked like its should be called Neville, and the name stuck.

Neville first took me and Karen from Texas to Rhode Island. He then returned me to Texas where the Bear Head and I spent a lot of time performing mechanical repairs and belatedly departing on our huge adventure.

Seriously bogged on the beach with the tide coming in!

We travelled all through the North-Western US and Canada, a journey of too many dimensions and perils to describe here. Nev was packed to the gunwales—very slow going up the mountains and too fast coming down. We never quite made it to Alaska, but had more than our fill of travelling, troubles, camping, rain, and breathtaking beauty.

Below, Neville is on a farm in British Columbia, sporting moose antlers out front.

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