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1988 Toyota Tercel
Karen bought a Tercel shortly before I joined her in Rhode Island and it served us well for several years (this model was different to the 4WD Tercel marketed with little success in Australia around the same time).
As basic transport, the Tercel asked little of us apart from brake work and a constant diet of exhaust components as the old parts succumbed to salty winter roads. The engine was a nice 12-valve 1500 hooked up to a horrible automatic transmission that shifted at all the wrong moments. It seemed to have a four-speed overdrive box but only three positions on the T-bar, meaning you couldn't access third when it was in fourth. It would virtually skip third gear when shifing up or down.
Besides daily commuting and regular small excursions, the Tercel took us on a big adventure to the tip of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. A muffler rusted out in New Brunswick, and, below, we picked up a nail somewhere in rural Maine on a Sunday. Thankfully we had a tubeless repair kit and compressor with us.

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Toyota Tercel

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