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1990 Toyota Camry SV22 (3S-F)
Back in Melbourne in 1998, we went to an auction of cars damaged in the notorious Sydney hailstorm of that year. Karen decided she liked this Camry, and we placed the winning bid on it. Written off by the insurance company, it had extensive hail damage including a smashed windscreen. It was a 16-valve 2-litre manual with no power steering and a carby—the base model.
We had to replace the clutch, the gearbox needed but never got new synchros and it had a couple of broken engine mounts (typical). It occasionally died without warning because of some electrical gremlin that I was never able to track down, and it had other quirks besides (like running on three cylinders when cold). But on the whole it was reliable, economical, boring, transport for many years. Most of the time I just ignored it, which was fine with me. The considerable hail damage, which is difficult to see in this shot, was a real attention-getter. We called it the Pox Box. Anyone with a similar Generation 2 Camry might be interested in these links:

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1990 Camry sedan

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