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1991 Nissan U12 Pintara T

Pintara LHS My parents were offered a pittance when trying to trade in their faithful old Pintara, so they kindly passed it along to us. It had around 260,000km on the clock when we got it and about 300,000 by the time we sold it. I used to think about how this old car had in 22 years travelled about the same distance as a particle of sunlight does in a single second... The clear lacquer covering the metallic paintwork had been burnt by that same sunlight, but it had been fastidiously maintained. The SOHC 12-valve KA24E 2.4 litre engine still ran very nicely when we sold it, with no oil consumption whatsoever.

Pintara RHS The Pintara turned up just in time for the cranky old Camry to start giving us more electrical troubles than I could cope with. So, even though the Pintara had traveled considerably further in its life, and despite the fact that its larger, peppy engine and automatic transmission made it somewhat more thirsty, we had to make a choice in favour of its relative reliability. The Camry was put out to pasture as a paddock bomb in East Gippsland.

The U12 Pintara was an Australian-made variation of the U12 Bluebird or Stanza as sold internationally. The U12 Pintara was also re-badged in Australia as the Ford Corsair. Our T model had fuel injection, a four-speed lock-up overdrive transmission, power steering, and aircon.

Faults were few: a tail light that leaked rainwater (which I think I solved?), a clunking and faulty wiper mechanism that was eventually fixed with a new motor and relay repair. It also had what felt like excessive cabin heat in warm weather, and the taste of dust when driving over dirt roads. The wide and touchy throttle body delivered poor fuel consumption if treated casually, but we had recorded 12km/ltr by being careful and keeping the tyres at 35psi. The bodywork (which had been double rust-proofed) was remarkably free of corrosion, and its interior proved to be equally resilient to wear. If it weren't for the sunburnt paint, it would have been a virtual collector's item! Thankfully it found a friendly and enthusiastic new owner who knew what great cars these Pintaras are.

Other Australian owners might be interested in the Nissan enthusiasts site. Also Specifications and ECU codes.

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1991 U12 Pintara T sedan

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