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Every now and then I come across some interesting bit of information that seems as though it should be shared. In the past both myself and people close to me have benefited greatly from material buried deep within some obscure site on the internet, yet universally accessible through the power of search engines. I've gone hunting with my questions and finished with a strong sense of indebtedness to strangers on the other side of the world who have taken the time to publish answers. The few pages I will post here are my small contribution to the free flow of health information over the internet. I make the disclaimer of being without medical qualifications, and present this material not as a matter of advice, but for your own intelligent and critical evaluation. Please consult an expert before doing anything serious.


Sore knees (or other joints)

Make your own LSA

Gluten-free millet breakfast

Creased earlobe page

Stuttering and allergies 1 [ p2 ]

Food, sneezing, and hay-fever

Cherry extract relieves gout

Make your own saline solution




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