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All Aboard Internet Connection Sharing Application

All Aboard is a defunct internet connection sharing (ICS, or modem sharing) program. ICS has been included with Windows since Win 98SE, but I reckon it's worth keeping stand-alone programs like this available as an option so I'm hosting it here for free along with a working licence key. I've read of at least one person who was forced to switch to All Aboard because he couldn't get his Microsoft ICS working properly. Apparently, the ICS of Win 98SE/ME can misbehave with an ADSL or cable modem. And of course, there are plenty of people using perfectly serviceable Win 95, 98 first ed., and NT4 machines who might still need a program like this (old computers are sometimes put to use as network internet gateways).
Aside from the problems mentioned below, the performance of All Aboard is excellent, with Internet speeds as good as the base computer, or even better, on the client machine. All Aboard consumes very little in the way of processor power or memory.
Unfortunately, no support is available anymore other than what's included in the program. Luckily, though, the default settings seem to work well.

Download All Aboard v 2.5SE
Enter Licence key when installing on base computer: Z3NJ-96AS-HU2J-K99P (program will generate its own serial number from the licence key).

1. I noticed that when using old versions of Dreamweaver to FTP files behind All Aboard, it messed up the connection. It usually seemed to happen when using Dreamweaver's file synchronising feature, or when uploading lots of files at a time. The only solution I found was to go to the computer with the modem, shut the All Aboard server down momentarily (using the Server Settings shortcut), then restart it. A permanent solution might lie in adjusting the "Tunable Parameters" numbers, which I am not adept enough to do, or perhaps somewhere buried within the links on this Dreamweaver FTP support page (unlikely).
2. Another quirk I noticed on my client computer was when I opened a web link, the page would quite often fail to load the first time, as if the browser timed out. I have to hit either the "Go" button to the right of the URL, or hit "Refresh" button. I think this was not uncommon behaviour with ICS of the time, and might be improved with a more powerful host machine.
3. I installed version 2.5 over an earlier version, and it seemed to do some funny things to my TCP/IP settings when it overwrote the old installation (I'm not sure, as I was mucking around with other programs at the same time). I don't know if this would be the case with a fresh installation. If it doesn't seem to work properly, you might try checking your network settings to see if the numbers are right (requires a little expertise, or a quick crash-course via the links below).

Helpful Links
You don't need ICS when an older computer is acting as the client only. See for example, Windows NT4 ICS Client Installation See also Modem Internet Connection via DCC and Non Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing. Also, for general info on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98 see: Setting up Internet Connection Sharing

CCProxy is an alternative that's offered as freeware for up to three connected computers. It's not quite the same thing as All Aboard, because it runs as a proxy server rather than an NAT (Network Address Translation) service. This just means it's a bit heavier on the host computer's resources and fiddlier to set up on the client end (you've got to tell each program to find the internet via a proxy server, whereas All Aboard's NAT does it all transparently. The price is right, though, and it seems to be a neat, well-presented package.
Winroute is a shareware alternative in both "lite" and pro flavours. I couldn't see a link for the lite version on the Kerio site, but you can find it around the web with a quick search. It seems as though it would be really good, though my copies never worked for some infuriating reason (that wasted an entire day). I think it might have been some sort of conflict caused by other firewall and NAT programs.

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