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Rid Photoshop Save for Web filenames of dashes

The problem
Photoshop's built-in Web image exporter is great, but its insistence on inserting dashes into outputted filenames wherever you would expect a space can be annoying. This feature is designed to prevent trouble when an image is uploaded to a web server (you've probably seen filenames on the web where every space is converted to a '%20', and that sort of thing, not to mention links to images that just don't work).

Sometimes, especially when using this feature of Photoshop for a non-html purpose, the dashes get in the way. For instance, I sometimes like to take advantage of the filesize-reducing power of the Save for Web feature when creating downsampled versions of digital photos to send to friends and family as email attachments. This is particularly welcome when some recipients are using dialup connections.

Afterwards, I like to store that smaller file alongside the larger one, in case I need it again. But if Photoshop has added dashes to the filename, it might be listed elsewhere in the folder, depending on how the files are sorted. In other words, I want this:

Image name from digital camera.jpg
Image name from digital camera lo-res.jpg
Some other image from camera.jpg
A dozen more images.jpg ...

Instead of this:

Image name from digital camera.jpg
Some other image from camera.jpg
A dozen more images.jpg ...

Worst of all, even when you try to force Photoshop to use spaces instead of dashes, it takes no notice. Of course, you can go into your file manager after the fact and remove the dashes, but that is very fiddly and tedious, especially when batch processing. Thankfully this problem is easy to fix if you know where to look:

The solution
The first step is to open an image in Photoshop and choose File / Save for Web & Devices.

Look for the small triangle button as shown below, and choose Edit Output Settings.

Choose Saving Files in the drop-down list shown below.

Uncheck Unix compatibility.

Remember to recheck this option in future if you want to export images for web use and are unsure about which characters are troublesome for Unix servers and html links (such as spaces and capital letters). If you are aware of these considerations, you can leave the Unix filename compatibility unchecked, and manually adjust your filenames.


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